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Gift Wrapping at the Orange Park Mall

In order to make sure we run a professional and profitable fundraiser, we have some rules when working in the booth.

You can find many of these to the right, or you can find them in the gift wrapping sign in binder.

If you have any questions about these rules, please reach out to Mrs. Isabell at

Any questions about gift wrapping can be directed to Mrs. Isabell.

During gift wrapping, please call Mrs. Isabell if there is a problem, question, if the booth is slow during the closing shift, or any other concerns.

If there is a security concern, anyone feels unsafe, wheelchairs are needed after mall office hours, please call the Mall Security line.

Gift Wrapping takes place at the Orange Park Mall each year from December 10th through December 24th.

There are multiple shifts each day that you can signup to work in the booth to earn credit for your or your students’ account.

This is the biggest fundraiser we have, so we take very good care to continue it each year.

As you can imagine, we got asked a lot of questions in the gift wrapping booth each year. Some of the most common items can be found to the left.

Other questions can be directed to the Mall Office, located by the entry door by the food court.

Other notes and information can be found in the sign in binder, housed in the gift wrapping booth.

If you are planning on working in the Gift Wrapping Booth, you MUST watch the Training Video and complete the Google Form before your first shift! This can be done from here!

If you would like to review the video or any part of the video, you can find it here!