Raider Band Seniors

Senior Memory Jars

In order to keep the year as close to normal as possible, we are collecting notes for our seniors in order to create Virtual Memory Jars!

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Hannah Brown

Hannah plans to attend St. Johns River State College for two years and then transfer to Florida State University.

Zayne Underwood

Zayne plans to pursue a doctoral degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Central Florida. After that, he would like to work at Raytheon until he is able to form a business: making space flight a tourist attraction.

Zach Bilbray

After graduation, Zach plans to go directly into the workforce. He hopes to find a full time job while continuing to work part time at Publix. He then plans to pursue some type of technical schooling.

Dyllon Johns

Dyllon plans to attend the Firefighter and EMT program at First Coast Technical College.

Kyle Riffle

Kyle plans to attend St. John’s River State College and then transfer to Florida State University.

Zion Walley

After graduation, Zion plans on attending a technical school for diesel mechanics and working on semi trucks.

Sierra Zapata

Sierra will be attending UNF as a Hicks Honors student studying Criminal Justice to become a Criminal Profiler.

Kaliah Huggar

Kaliah received an invitation to apply at Edward Waters Univeristy as part of the Bright Future Scholarship program.  Upon graduating colledge she plans  to use her International Business degree and work in Korea.

Stüssy Riegel

After graduating, Stüssy will be attending Edward Waters College with an academic and athletic scholarship.

Tulio Bahr

Tulio plans to pursue a career in the United States Marine Corps, starting on October 19th 2020. He then plans to retire to a stately log cabin in the mountains of Tennessee playing Jazz and poker professionally.

Amber Compo

Amber will be attending the University of North Florida in the fall for a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. After college, she plans to pursue a career in teaching

Kiara Avery

Kiara plans to further her art education and create a manga/comic. She also intends to continue traveling.

Michael Vickery

Michael will be attending St John’s River State College to study computer programming, and then transferring to Florida State University later to study music performance and composition. He also plans to continue marching in both drum corps and indoor while in college, hopefully until he “ages out.”

Dylan Redd

Dylan plans on applying to the NEFBA apprentiship program to pursue a career as an electrician.

Marshall Jadwin

Marshall plans to attend St. Johns River State College to get his Associate in Arts degree.

Elijah Thompson

After high school, Elijah plans on continuing to work part time Circle K while going to school at Saint John’s River State College for two years. Then, he plans to transfer to the University of Florida to study Marine Biology.

Kiara Gooden

After graduation, Kiara plans on joining the Navy in order to attend Cornell University and pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. She also intends to receive her ‘Airframe & Power Plant’ License.

Zachariah Gruentzel

Zachariah plans to go into the police academy after graduation.